Minnesota Asphalt Paving

As property owners in Minnesota we need to pay close attention to our asphalt surfaces.  Our climate is very severe this can take it’s toll on asphalt.

We always recommend people take a look at your driveways and parking lots each spring and at the end of summer.  Catching small items to repair early can save you money on asphalt paving in the long run.

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Some of the items to look for are:

  • Cracking. Driveway cracking is very common in Minnesota.  With the freezing and thawing here, movement of the soil is unavoidable and cracks do occur.  It’s very important to fill cracks as soon as you can.  Otherwise water can get in and deteriorate your sub-base which can cause a much more expensive driveway or parking lot repair.
  • Holes.  As Minnesotans, we are very aware of Potholes! (We spend the months of March and April actively dodging them on the road!)   These same holes can occur on your driveway or Parking lot.  Most of these are  caused by the ground heaves and deteriorating sub base under your surface.  Fix these as soon as you can to maintain the integrity of your asphalt.
  • Sinking areas or low edges around your garage.  Always check where your surface connects with your garage.  If you see sinking or lowered spots, give us a call or click on our free estimate tab.  This is a common problem and needs to be addressed to maintain the life of your asphalt surface.  Common reasons for this are weight overload and drainage problems.
  • Crumbling edges. Check your edges to ensure that they are not crumbling, sagging or cracking.  Heavy loads and drainage issues again can speed up the damage process to your edges.

By finding  these problem areas early there are many things that we can be do to fix them without doing a total driveway replacement.

While this seems like a lot to keep track of, it is actually a very simple check up which can keep your asphalt surfaces looking and performing great for many years to come.

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