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Another Great Paving Season!

The paving season is coming to a close. Plehal Blacktopping would like to thank our customers for a great season! We had favorable weather this fall; which allowed us to pave until Thanksgiving.
This winter come visit us at The Northern Green Expo (Jan. 13-16th 2016) and The Home and Garden Show (February 26-28th & March 4-6th) both at the Minneapolis Convention Center. If you are looking for any type of asphalt work for the upcoming season, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to put a proposal together for you.

Thanks again, for the wonderful season!

Plehal Blacktopping

2015 Paving season ends for Plehal Blacktop Twin Cities MN

Beware – Protect Yourself

As you consider having asphalt work done on your property be sure you are dealing with a reputable company. Plehal Blacktopping has been in business since 1949 and is a member of the Minnesota Asphalt paving Association.

Many door to door solicitors are not local businesses and are in it for the quick buck. With only a cell phone and a briefcase, it may be impossible to get them back to complete the job or perform any corrective work that may be necessary.

More and more cities are now requiring permits before any work can be done in large part to help protect their residents.

There are many good companies in the Twin Cities, if you have any doubts, contact your local City building inspection department, Bettor Business Bureau, or ask that the contractor provide you with Proof of Insurance.

REMEMBER: There really are no cheap deals and the quality of the job remains long after the price is forgotten!

Plehal Blacktopping would like to do your job and will be here long into the future!

Asphalt Driveway Paving in Minneapolis

Replacing old Minneapolis driveways is a common practice for our team here at Plehal Blacktopping.  Recently, we were contacted by a Minneapolis resident, who had an old driveway that was long past it’s useful life.  We inspected the area and discussed a Basic Driveway Replacement.  She agreed and felt that it worked well and was in her budget.

The final repaving job looks great and will give her years of great function and great curb appeal!  She is very happy and was kind enough to provide a nice note. (see below)

Thanks Nancy!

Plehal Blacktopping


“We had our drive-way paved a few weeks ago and I wanted to say “Thank You”.  The crew did a great job and the drive-way looks so nice.  I’ve seen neighbors stopping by in our alley to look at the work.  Also wanted to say I like our sales guy because he wasn’t pushy like the other company I had provide an estimate.  The other company was a few dollars less but I didn’t like the pushiness of their sales person.   Additionally they would not allow me to pay by credit card unless I agree to be charged an additional 2% before the work was done.  This other company has been in business a long time but I didn’t trust them unlike Plehal Blacktopping.  I want to say that I felt comfortable from the first time I called your company.  I didn’t feel like I was going to have issues.  Scheduling was easy, your crews were all professional and efficient and did a great job.  So thank you; I feel good about my decision to go with your company, as well as, I’m really happy with the product.”

Nancy K.   Minneapolis, MN


Tennis Court Paving

Here is another example of our Tennis court installation and paving.

Game, Set Match with Plehal Blacktopping!


Parking Lot Repair Eden Prairie-Bachman’s

Our team recently finished the Bachman’s Parking Lot in Eden Prairie.  They did a great job and the result looks great!

Give us a call if you need your Parking Lot, Driveway or other asphalt surface repaired, repaved or replaced.  We are here to help!!


Paving Season in full swing…

Has summer finally arrived??  We hope so!  Our team here at Plehal Blacktopping are in full swing paving the Twin Cities.  Here is an example of a recent job.


Doesn’t fresh Asphalt do wonders for curb appeal?  We think so..

(For more Before and After photo’s check out our facebook page.)

We again just wanted to thank you for your business and if you need some work done our estimators are ready to come out and look at your driveway, parking lot, path, or roadway.

Enter your info in the box on the right side of this page to schedule your free estimate or give us a call at the office.  952-445-7676

Thanks again,


Updates for 2011!

New Minnesota Asphalt Paving Season!!

The Start of a new Asphalt Paving season is almost here and everyone here at Plehal Blacktopping are ready to help!

We’ve had another typical crazy Minnesota winter which saw a ton of snow and some very cold temperatures.  This can definitely wreak havoc on our driveways, parking lots, and other asphalt surfaces, so be sure to check things out once the snow melts. (Will it ever melt?)

Here at Plehal, we’ve been very busy this off season designing ways to make it easier to get your paving jobs done fast, easy and of course with our “Building the Best” quality.

We understand that when you need Asphalt paving (New Driveway, Parking Lot Installation, Parking Lot repair, Tennis Court resurfacing) it’s  needed quickly and It usually comes down to 2 things..

  1. A problem that needs fixing now!  (Cracking, Potholes, Water drainage problems, Angry tenants, Safety issues)   or…
  2. A deadline.  (Construction deadline, City deadline.. etc.)

So, We’ve created some tools on our website to help….
Now, getting an estimate done just got much easier.  We’ve created a Free Estimate page on our site where you tell us what type of work you need done, enter your contact information and we’ll get in touch with you right away.
(Click Here Asphalt Paving Estimate to get started)
We also put together a nice paving guide that should help you understand what services are available and to hopefully save you money on your next paving job.

Remember that Plehal Blacktopping has been paving the Twin Cites for over 40 years.  So for anything Asphalt… We can definitely Help!!!

Our experienced and Friendly crews are experts at..

  • Driveway Repair
  • Parking Lot Repair
  • Parking Lot Maintenance
  • New Driveway Installation
  • Seal Coating (Driveway Sealing)
  • Tennis Court Installation and repair
    Walking, Bike, or Golf cart Path Paving


Jerret  952-445-7676
Plehal Blacktopping