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Savage Asphalt Paving for Local Shopowner

A Savage mechanic was needing a ramp repaved at his shop. The ramp needed to be repaved so that customers could drive their cars into the garage with ease and without fearing damage due to the visible damage that was on the ramp. The mechanic and shop owner called Plehal Blacktopping for a great Savage asphalt contractor service, which we were determined to provide.

The Plehal Blacktopping team arrived at the shop and started repaving the ramp. The team first cleaned the ramp thoroughly by removing oil, gas, and debris from the ramp, then the team filled the cracks that was in the asphalt surface. Once these steps were performed the team repaved the ramp. The owner of the shop was happy when we were done and he said that the ramp looked outstanding. The mechanic can now work on cars and direct them into the garage bay easily and without any embarrassing incidents, because he called the professional asphalt company in Savage, Plehal Blacktopping. The mechanic said that he would not let the ramp get in that condition again. He said he didn’t realize how affordable our asphalt services were, but now that he knows he will make sure to call Plehal Blacktopping out annually so that his ramp and parking lot would always be in good working condition for his customers. He said that he never wants to lose any customers due to the condition of his shop and now he doesn’t have to, thanks to Plehal Blacktopping!

How Long Should My Asphalt Last?


Asphalt can generally last up to ten years, but there are many asphalt driveways that last for over 25 years that are still in great condition. Along with age, there are a few factors that can determine how long asphalt can last.

These factors help keep your asphalt lasting for years:

  • Keeping the asphalt maintained properly. When asphalt is maintained, then it lasts for years. The asphalt should be kept cleaned with cracks filled and sealed annually.
  • Asphalt will last longer if it has been laid down properly. The asphalt needs to have a good base that is not excessively wet. The asphalt also must have the ability to have excellent drainage to it. When the asphalt doesn’t drain properly, the strength and durability will not be contained.
  • Cracks should be filled. If a crack appears on the asphalt, it should be seen to immediately.
  • Having a sealer applied every other year will keep the asphalt in great condition.

Asphalt can last many years if given the proper maintenance and care. One of the most important ways to prolong the life of the asphalt is the sealing process. If the asphalt is new, or less than a year old, it will take a full year before it is fully cured. After a year, a layer of seal coating should be applied to the asphalt. Depending on the asphalt, you may need two layers. After the first initial sealer, one coat of sealer should be applied to the asphalt every two to three years. The sealer will protect the asphalt from cracks, chips, and shrinkage.

Sometimes asphalt may need a patching work completed on an area. This will repair any problem in that area of the asphalt and prevent it from spreading. The key to keeping asphalt good is to do an occasional inspection of the asphalt. Walk around the asphalt just to make sure the asphalt is free from any deterioration or cracks. If there are any cracks or deterioration, it is recommended that you immediately have these problems repaired. Keeping up with any smaller problems with your asphalt will allow it to last longer while saving you money.

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