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Chaska Driveway Contractor Needed for Replacement Project

A plumber in Chaska contacted Plehal Blacktopping, because he wanted to have his old cement driveway replaced after it had developed huge cracks from an adjacent tree. He had the tree removed, so he called the best Chaska driveway contractor available to do the replacement, which was Plehal Blacktopping.

We met with the customer and looked at his concrete driveway. He was right, the tree caused a lot of damage in the concrete driveway. We let him know that he would be happier with an asphalt driveway, because it is easier to take care of and the asphalt makes clearing the snow and ice a breeze to remove because the sun heats the asphalt up quickly. The customer was pleased with the bid and the crew went to work removing the cement driveway. We recycle all material, then the crew started prepping the ground for the sub base. The crew worked for several days until the replacement driveway was installed. The customer arrived home from work as we were cleaning up and he said the driveway looks wonderful. The customer said that he was glad he called Plehal Blacktopping as his Chaska driveway contractor, because we stayed within budget, got the driveway done ahead of schedule, and the driveway looks so much better than it ever has. Plehal Blacktopping was glad to do a great job on this project and exceed the customer’s expectations. That is why we are always chosen as the driveway contractor in Chaska.

Plehal Provides Top Excelsior Asphalt Repair

A public park was needing Excelsior asphalt repair after the lot had suffered severe damage. The public parks director had been trying to get the funding for the asphalt repairs and finally the budget was approved. The director had been worrying for some time that someone would fall or trip in the parking lot and end up suing the city, so when he finally received the good news that he could have the repairs done he called Plehal Blacktopping for quality asphalt Excelsior officials would appreciate.

The crew with Plehal Blacktopping met with the director at the public park. He showed us the damage that the lot had and asked us to give him an estimate. Our crew examined the parking lot, then gave him an estimate that he was truly impressed with. He hired our company and pleaded with us to start on the repairs as soon as possible. We let him know that we would start the following day and would even work on the weekend, so we could get the lot fixed for the residents of Excelsior, which the crew did. We got the project completed and we never went over budget. The parks director came out to look over the parking lot and called Plehal Blacktopping to let us know that we did excellent work. He thanked our crew and company for providing outstanding asphalt repairs that all citizens in Excelsior would appreciate. The residents can use the public park and he doesn’t have to worry about any injuries, thanks to Plehal Blacktopping.

Jordan Parking Lot Maintenance Helps Game Store Prepare for the Season

A small used video game store in Jordan was making preparations for the shopping season, and called Plehal Blacktopping for expert Jordan parking lot maintenance services. The game store owner informed us when he called how important his parking lot is at this time of the year as it was just important as his inventory. He wanted to make sure the parking lot was safe for all his shoppers. He remarked that  there is nothing worse than arriving at a store and seeing a rundown parking lot. No customer wants to park their car on this type of parking lot, which he emphasized as the reason that he wanted the best parking lot maintenance in Jordan.

The Plehal Blacktopping experts reassured the customer that we would provide him with exactly what he wanted and most importantly what the parking lot needed. We evaluated the parking lot and there was just a few cracks that were noticeable and wouldn’t require a lot of work or money to repair. The customer was thrilled and asked us to start the repairs. Our crew did just exactly that. When the crew was finished we wanted to let the owner look over the parking lot, so we could know what he thought. He said he was thrilled that only a little minor crack sealing was needed and his parking lot surface would be protected through the winter. He said his customers would be happy with the parking lot maintenance that Plehal Blacktopping provided for them in Jordan.

Jordan Asphalt Contractor is What This Pet Shop Needs

A Jordan pet shop owner needed a proper asphalt contractor to fix the parking lot. The pet store had been struggling in the last few months. The owner had tried everything to bring business in, but nothing had worked until he started offering training classes for dogs. This ended up being a ticket to success. He couldn’t get over how many customers booked the training classes for their dogs. This was great, because it gave him enough revenue to have working capital for necessary repairs, so he called the asphalt contractor Jordan businesses called for all their parking lot needs, Plehal Blacktopping.

The Plehal Blacktopping specialists went to the pet store to take a look at the parking lot to see what repairs needed to be performed. The parking lot had several pot holes that needed patched, then we thought a good sealcoating would add strength and durability along with that added attraction that the owner was wanting. The customer agreed to the repairs, and our crew arrived the following morning to start. At the end of the week the parking lot repairs were done and the parking lot looked great. The store owner said he was amazed on how wonderful the parking lot looked after just a few repairs and the sealcoating. He said he will never let his parking lot get in that shape again now that he found an asphalt contractor he could trust in Jordan. He said Plehal Blacktopping is the only Jordan asphalt contractor that is honest, dependable, and affordable.

Retail Store in Apple Valley Calls Asphalt Company to Accommodate Customers

The need to contact an asphalt company in Apple Valley is crucial to the success of any business that wants customers. A business without an asphalt lot can struggle to bring in customers. There was one particular Apple Valley retail store that struggled for a while to get business because of its small lot. This retail store sells handmade woodworking pieces that are made from real Minnesota timber. The company was doing well from a business standpoint but it had a small parking lot that kept the business from getting enough customers.

The business could have expanded but it did not have the funds for doing so since it had opened in 2009. That’s when the woodworking company called the asphalt company Apple Valley business owners relied on to create larger asphalt parking lot. The two parties arranged a deal based on a sensible design while working within the business’ budget. There was also a full price estimate at the start to ensure that the project would actually be finished without going over.

The business then got its new lot installed. It took a few days to get it ready but afterwards it was easy for the business to get more customers. In fact, the business has been very busy on Saturdays and Sundays and now has the parking lot needed to support the consistent incoming traffic. The assistance that the woodworking company got off of the service was certainly impressive. It was very easy for the business to get its new asphalt surface ready so it could get more people out to its space. This business thrived after contacting an asphalt company in Apple Valley and yours can too.

Wayzata Asphalt Paving for Mobile Mechanic

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A Wayzata mechanic wanted to have a small lot paved so that he could do mobile services out of his van. He cut a deal with a local business owner who had a huge parking lot, and they decided to have a small corner of the parking lot repaved. After the repaving the mechanic could go about his business. The business owner would be helping the mechanic achieve his dreams of owning his own mobile service, and would also be making a little bit of money for the small area of the parking lot. They both knew it was a good deal, so the business owner contacted Plehal Blacktopping to receive an estimate on the asphalt paving.

The Plehal Blacktopping specialists arrived at the parking lot and evaluated it, then gave the business owner a bid. We informed him that for just a bit more we could repave the entire parking lot, which would improve the parking lot for both men. Both parties agreed to have the entire parking lot repaved, and the Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived on the day scheduled to start the asphalt paving. We were able to have the project completed ahead of schedule, and this was a benefit to both parties. The mechanic could start his mobile business, and the business owner could provide an attractive yet safe parking for his customers. Plehal Blacktopping is the asphalt paving Wayzata customers contact for affordable asphalt paving projects. We offer affordable prices that everyone is happy with.

What Kind Of Maintenance Does Asphalt Require?

Why does asphalt require maintenance? Asphalt is created by mixing gravel, sand, and oil. The oil binder can deteriorate from chemicals, dirt, grime, oil, the sun, and wear and tear from the vehicles. There isn’t a pavement that doesn’t require some sort of maintenance, including asphalt.

What kind of maintenance does asphalt require?

  1. Applying a seal coating every 2-3 years, depending on the asphalt, will prolong the life of the asphalt.
  2. Filling cracks when they appear on the asphalt will preserve the life of the asphalt. Doing annual inspection for cracks on the asphalt will prevent further damage. A crack can be caused by too much weight, water damage, or even found in the base. Filling the cracks can prevent any additional damage to the asphalt.
  3. Patching any places of the asphalt can correct any problem. If there is deterioration on the asphalt, then patching this area will correct the problem and prevent costly repairs to the asphalt.
  4. Adding an overlay to the current asphalt can be required for an added structural support for the asphalt. The overlaying is affordable and can generally be laid on top of the current asphalt to further protect it.
  5. Keeping the asphalt clean and free of any chemicals will keep the asphalt maintained.

2-6These are the basic maintenance procedures that are required for asphalt. The easiest and most effective maintenance task is inspecting the asphalt periodically. This will allow you to notice any cracks, holes, waves or odd patterns with the asphalt. When discovering any problems early, a homeowner has plenty of time to repair and fix these problems without causing major damage to the asphalt.

Asphalt is very durable and sturdy. It can provide a homeowner many years of service, but in order to do so, the asphalt must be maintained. Every homeowner understands the importance of maintaining their property. A home has many annual things that must be done to keep the home up to par and this goes for asphalt too. The more you maintain the asphalt, the longer it will last and continue to look great. This will only add value and curb appeal to your home.

If you have asphalt at your home currently and have yet to do any maintenance on the asphalt, walk around the asphalt to check if there are any cracks or holes. If there are, then call Plehal and we will gladly take care of any repairs to sustain the life of your asphalt.

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Spring Blog

Spring is here and we just survived one of the worst winters in a long time! Plehal Blacktopping is here to help you assess the winter damage to your asphalt. The winter weather causes front to heave the asphalt, causing and potholes.

Asphalt fails for a variety of reasons; under design for traffic load, original installation didn’t meet spec and sometimes the pavement has simply outlived its engineered life expectancy.

Potholes, rutting and large cracking are more apparent now for two reasons: we have had very harsh winters and the tried temporary fixes where long-term repairs are needed.  Asphalt failures that create potholes, happen for a reason.  Dumping cold mix into them doesn’t even cover up the problem very well.  Temporary “cold patch” simply doesn’t last.  It may be okay for 30-90 days when used to fill a pothole for traffic safety; however, all of these repairs need a more permanent solution!  Minimally hot material needs to be placed, but more often a structural defect needs more comprehensive attention.

We encourage you to plan proper pavement repairs and protection to keep our motorists and citizens safe.  Improper remedies can cause damage to cars, personal property and can contribute to accidents that result in serious injury, or even death.  Let’s fix it right the first time and safe the costly ongoing labor dollars, which cost us all more tax dollars over the long haul.

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