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Necessary Repairs Completed by Top Minneapolis Driveway Contractor

Not long ago, Plehal Blacktopping was contacted by a Minneapolis homeowner. The homeowner had gotten his garage renovated and finished and was completely ecstatic about it, but realized that his shabby driveway made the whole thing look like garbage. He called the best driveway contractor in Minneapolis, which was Plehal Blacktopping, and we were able to set him up with a major improvement.

The crew headed out to the Minneapolis home and the homeowner was correct about his driveway as it was truly shabby. We inspected his driveway and we recommended a driveway replacement, then we gave him an estimate to do this for him. The homeowner said that the price was fair and he just wanted to have it done as soon as possible. The crew returned and started removing the current driveway, then we take it to be recycled. The crew installed the sub base, then installed four inches of base and then the crew used the vibratory drum roller to compact the base. After all the steps were completed the driveway was installed. The customer wasn’t home when we finished, but he must have been thrilled with our work, because he called the office and wanted to let us know that the crew went above and beyond providing him with a great looking driveway that enhances his new garage. The customer said that Plehal Blacktopping is definitely the number one driveway contractor Minneapolis homeowners can trust for quality driveways at a great price.

New Loading Dock Needs Asphalt Paving in the Twin Cities

A Twin Cities grocery store needed to ensure that their expanded loading dock would be as productive as they had planned. They called Plehal Blacktopping for Twin Cities asphalt paving at the dock. The owners told us that they wanted a surface that would be durable for years to come, and we delivered on that request.

The Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived at the business to inspect it and give the owners a bid. The loading dock was an excellent candidate for asphalt paving. We gave the bid to the owners and they immediately asked when we could start, so we scheduled the paving project on Wednesday, because this is the day that the store had less deliveries. The crew started the paving project Wednesday morning. The crew worked continuously until the project was completed. The owners came out to look over their dock and they both agreed that they were glad that they called Plehal Blacktopping for the best asphalt paving Twin Cities business owners can depend upon. The owners said it looked great and their biggest concern was how long would the surface last. We let the customers know that with regular maintenance they could expect their loading dock surface to last for many, many years. The Twin Cities grocery store can get all their delivers safely now and they don’t have to worry about the surface of the dock breaking down and crumbling, because Plehal Blacktopping provided durable and quality asphalt paving for them.

Parking Lot Repair in Minneapolis Brings Skate Shop Up to Speed

A Minneapolis skate shop needed to have a big pothole filled after a truck bottomed out a few months ago. The skate shop owner had been so busy with the shop that he had just put off having the work done. One morning as he was putting inventory away a customer came in and complained that he almost hit that pothole and he would’ve been pretty angry if his car was damaged. The owner apologized and got on the phone immediately and called Plehal Blacktopping for the extensive and highly competent Minneapolis parking lot repair services our company offers, and we were able to solve all their problems quickly and affordably.

The professional crew with Plehal Blacktopping went to the skate shop and looked at the huge pothole. We understood immediately why any customer would be upset if they hit this pothole, because it could surely damage a car in a heartbeat. Our crew filled the pothole and patched it, then made sure there were no other damages in the parking lot that needed attention. We let the owner know that we provided parking lot maintenance and having this would prevent potholes and cracks, but would also provide a durable and strong parking lot that he and his customers would appreciate. The customer thanked us again for doing a great job and was thankful that we came out so quickly. He said Plehal Blacktopping was indeed the parking lot repair specialists Minneapolis skaters could depend upon.

Minneapolis Asphalt Driveway for Freelancer is a Relief

Plehal Blacktopping was contacted by a homeowner in Northeast Minneapolis. The homeowner was a part time freelance copywriter and she used her free time to do a lot of biking. Her driveway was in poor shape and the ragged asphalt was causing damage to her wheels and her bicycle frame. She called Plehal Blacktopping to have a new asphalt driveway in Minneapolis installed and she did not regret her choice once she seen the finished driveway.

Plehal Blacktopping met with the freelancer to see what shape the driveway is actually in. We never give an estimate for any asphalt driveways over the phone. The customer wasn’t joking. The driveway was in terrible shape and it would cost more money to repair the driveway than installing a new asphalt driveway. We gave her an estimate and she agreed, so we scheduled to do the project on Friday morning. The Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived on time as scheduled and started removing the current driveway. We wanted to make sure the sub base was correct, so all water would drain properly. The crew had the new driveway installed by Sunday afternoon. The homeowner was thrilled. She said the work was done quickly, efficiently, and well within the budget that she had in mind. She can now enjoy riding her bike without fearing damage done to her tires and frame, thanks to Plehal Blacktopping. They are the experts in asphalt driveway Minneapolis homeowners can appreciate.

Twin Cities Parking Lot Paving for Two Eateries

We recently received a call from a Twin Cities restaurant owner. The sandwich shop owner explained that his business needed a new parking lot after the adjoining property was bought by a family intending to turn it into a nice dinner spot for Mexican food. The two eateries decided to partially split the cost of the adjoined parking lot and the sandwich shop owner recommended the best parking lot paving in the Twin Cities because they had seen Plehal Blacktopping’s work previously.

We let the customer know that we were the parking lot installation experts. We have been providing parking lot installations for all types of businesses around the Twin Cities. We met with the two restaurant entrepreneurs and looked over the parking lot, then gave the two men an estimate to have the parking lot installation. They agreed and wanted Plehal Blacktopping to start immediately. The Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived two days later and started the installation process. The crew worked nonstop until we had the project completed. We called both restaurant owners to let them know we were done and would like them both to look over the parking lot and let us know how they like it. Both of the customers said they were amazed on the transformation of the parking lot. They said we did an outstanding job. They both agreed that we are the parking lot paving specialists Twin Cities had ever seen. Plehal Blacktopping was pleased that we could provide excellent parking lot paving for the two owners.

Minneapolis Parking Lot Maintenance Enhances Bike Shop’s Presence

A locally owned bike shop located in Minneapolis recently called us to service their parking lot. Due to major potholes, divots in the ground, and other damage to pavement, they were dealing with customer complaints. Although customers were pleased with their service, timely bike repair, and affordable rates, they weren’t all too pleased when parking in a pothole filled lot, which caused damage to their vehicle. They called the best company for parking lot maintenance Minneapolis has to offer, and upon receiving the call our team immediately was able to go out to the bike shop and provide a service quote. Plehal Blacktopping was able to begin work on the highly damaged parking lot at the back of the bike shop fairly quickly.

We began with the potholes. Initially we had to sand and smooth the pavement so that we could begin the work on solid ground. We had to create an even canvas to begin working from, so as to properly fix the damage in the parking lot. Once evened, leveled, and sanded, we filled all potholes, we smoothed out the rough areas, we covered the old pavement, and applied an entirely new coat, which completely changed the dingy, dirty appearance which the bike shop was suffering from. Not only does the new parking lot have spaces where customers can actually park without damaging their bikes or cars, but it looks excellent as well. So, the shop’s appearance has improved and has the ability to offer customers longer term parking when they need to come in for larger repair jobs.

Because the parking lot had been neglected for years, it did take our service techs some time to smooth out the entire area, and properly level the ground. Once this was completed, however, the remainder of the repairs were aesthetic, and we got the old lot to look brand new in a matter of a few day’s time. The bike’s shop increase in patronage has not only helped them increase profits, but also draw in new customers via word of mouth.

Are There Different Types of Asphalt and If So, What Should I Use?

There are two different types of asphalt that are used for driveways. There is a 41A, also known as a driveway mix, and there is a 41b type. There is a big difference in the two types of asphalt. The uses of the different types of asphalt will allow you to decide which one of the types of asphalt is perfect for your asphalt project.

The 41A or driveway mix is composed of rock and asphalt oil. This is the most common asphalt that most asphalt contractors use. The rock is very fine, with the incorporation of sand into the mixture. The asphalt oil combines the sand and rock mixture together. The more oil that is added to the mixture, the more durable the asphalt can be. The one set back to using more oil in the mixture is that there can be tire marks left on the asphalt from vehicles.

The 41b asphalt has a larger sized sand and rock mixture. The oil is lessened down which allows for heavier weight of up to one ton. The same process is done to make the asphalt, but the size of the sand and rock is different with less oil used. The difference in this type of asphalt when it is laid is that the surface will not be as smooth as the 41A asphalt type due to the larger rock and sand used in the mixture.

The usage of the driveway is how the homeowner can decide which type of asphalt to choose from. If your driveway will be holding heavier vehicles, then the 41b asphalt is recommended. The surface won’t be as smooth as the 41A type, but it will be strong and durable. This is great if the homeowner will be parking any heavy equipment, such as a trailer or boat on the asphalt surface.

The 41A asphalt type is a smoother surface. It is durable, but with a finer rock and sand mixture. This is what most homeowners choose for their driveways. Depending on the needs of the homeowner will determine which type of asphalt will best suit their asphalt needs. Needless to say, both types of asphalt come with durability and strength, and will give you exactly what you are looking for.

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What Determines The Price Of My Asphalt Project?

An asphalt driveway is an excellent addition to any home, but what determines the cost of an asphalt project? What can a homeowner expect to pay to have an asphalt driveway installed at their home?

The following attributes are factored into the pricing of your asphalt project:

  • Clearing the area: It is quite common that your contractor will clean the area where your asphalt driveway will be installed. There could be trees, brush, rocks, and debris in the area, which may take two or more men to clear. If these two men work two eight hour days, there will be a cost associated with the amount of labor needed for your project. If there is heavy equipment involved in the clearing of this area, then all of these factors are considered in the cost of asphalt.
  • The asphalt used: The type of asphalt used will be factored into the cost, as different kinds of asphalt have different prices due to the materials used to create the mixture.
  • Installation of the asphalt: The installation of the asphalt involves heavy equipment, labor, materials, and supplies. The prices of each aspect combine to influence the total cost.
  • Contractor fees: The contractor has to pay for their time and work. The fee that the contractor charges will determine the cost of the asphalt driveway.
  • Accessible area: Is the area accessible with ease for the contractor? If the area is hard to get to, the price will increase. If the home is further away from the site where the rocks and materials are needed, this too may increase the cost of the project.
  • Crude oil prices: The current crude oil prices will affect the asphalt project. If crude oil is on the rise, then the price of the asphalt project can be higher.

There are many things that need to be considered in the pricing of an asphalt project. Asphalt is generally more affordable than concrete, but to know the price of your asphalt project more accurately, you will need to have a professional contractor come to your home. The contractor will measure the area, consider the materials, labor, equipment, and fuel and give an appropriate bid for the asphalt project. Call Plehal today to get your asphalt project estimate!

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How Long Should My Asphalt Last?


Asphalt can generally last up to ten years, but there are many asphalt driveways that last for over 25 years that are still in great condition. Along with age, there are a few factors that can determine how long asphalt can last.

These factors help keep your asphalt lasting for years:

  • Keeping the asphalt maintained properly. When asphalt is maintained, then it lasts for years. The asphalt should be kept cleaned with cracks filled and sealed annually.
  • Asphalt will last longer if it has been laid down properly. The asphalt needs to have a good base that is not excessively wet. The asphalt also must have the ability to have excellent drainage to it. When the asphalt doesn’t drain properly, the strength and durability will not be contained.
  • Cracks should be filled. If a crack appears on the asphalt, it should be seen to immediately.
  • Having a sealer applied every other year will keep the asphalt in great condition.

Asphalt can last many years if given the proper maintenance and care. One of the most important ways to prolong the life of the asphalt is the sealing process. If the asphalt is new, or less than a year old, it will take a full year before it is fully cured. After a year, a layer of seal coating should be applied to the asphalt. Depending on the asphalt, you may need two layers. After the first initial sealer, one coat of sealer should be applied to the asphalt every two to three years. The sealer will protect the asphalt from cracks, chips, and shrinkage.

Sometimes asphalt may need a patching work completed on an area. This will repair any problem in that area of the asphalt and prevent it from spreading. The key to keeping asphalt good is to do an occasional inspection of the asphalt. Walk around the asphalt just to make sure the asphalt is free from any deterioration or cracks. If there are any cracks or deterioration, it is recommended that you immediately have these problems repaired. Keeping up with any smaller problems with your asphalt will allow it to last longer while saving you money.

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Spring Blog

Spring is here and we just survived one of the worst winters in a long time! Plehal Blacktopping is here to help you assess the winter damage to your asphalt. The winter weather causes front to heave the asphalt, causing and potholes.

Asphalt fails for a variety of reasons; under design for traffic load, original installation didn’t meet spec and sometimes the pavement has simply outlived its engineered life expectancy.

Potholes, rutting and large cracking are more apparent now for two reasons: we have had very harsh winters and the tried temporary fixes where long-term repairs are needed.  Asphalt failures that create potholes, happen for a reason.  Dumping cold mix into them doesn’t even cover up the problem very well.  Temporary “cold patch” simply doesn’t last.  It may be okay for 30-90 days when used to fill a pothole for traffic safety; however, all of these repairs need a more permanent solution!  Minimally hot material needs to be placed, but more often a structural defect needs more comprehensive attention.

We encourage you to plan proper pavement repairs and protection to keep our motorists and citizens safe.  Improper remedies can cause damage to cars, personal property and can contribute to accidents that result in serious injury, or even death.  Let’s fix it right the first time and safe the costly ongoing labor dollars, which cost us all more tax dollars over the long haul.

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Asphalt Driveway Paving in Minneapolis

Replacing old Minneapolis driveways is a common practice for our team here at Plehal Blacktopping.  Recently, we were contacted by a Minneapolis resident, who had an old driveway that was long past it’s useful life.  We inspected the area and discussed a Basic Driveway Replacement.  She agreed and felt that it worked well and was in her budget.

The final repaving job looks great and will give her years of great function and great curb appeal!  She is very happy and was kind enough to provide a nice note. (see below)

Thanks Nancy!

Plehal Blacktopping


“We had our drive-way paved a few weeks ago and I wanted to say “Thank You”.  The crew did a great job and the drive-way looks so nice.  I’ve seen neighbors stopping by in our alley to look at the work.  Also wanted to say I like our sales guy because he wasn’t pushy like the other company I had provide an estimate.  The other company was a few dollars less but I didn’t like the pushiness of their sales person.   Additionally they would not allow me to pay by credit card unless I agree to be charged an additional 2% before the work was done.  This other company has been in business a long time but I didn’t trust them unlike Plehal Blacktopping.  I want to say that I felt comfortable from the first time I called your company.  I didn’t feel like I was going to have issues.  Scheduling was easy, your crews were all professional and efficient and did a great job.  So thank you; I feel good about my decision to go with your company, as well as, I’m really happy with the product.”

Nancy K.   Minneapolis, MN