Asphalt Paving Richfield

Asphalt Paving Richfield

Plehal Blacktopping specialize in Parking Lot Maintenance, Asphalt Repair, and Asphalt Maintenance. You can depend on the specialization of Plehal Blacktopping for all your asphalt maintenance and repairs if you are a homeowner or property owner in Richfield, Minnesota. We have performed the parking lot maintenance Richfield has chosen for its paving contracting for over fifty years. One of our goals for our customers is to make things easier with asphalt. Too many times property owners put off having any asphalt work done because they don’t know what type of options they have and they don’t know who to trust and turn to. They also think they may not be able to afford it, but Plehal Blacktopping has created a parking lot maintenance and asphalt maintenance guide so everyone can understand the process and what options are available for you.

Richfield Asphalt Paving Company
Plehal prides itself on providing excellent products at an affordable price for our customers. We are the largest asphalt company in Minnesota and have been in the asphalt industry since 1949.

We have:

Knowledgeable Estimators who are available to answer all questions and provide Free Estimates
Experienced, Skilled Paving Contractors who have been paving the Twin Cities for over 5 decades
5 Levels of Asphalt Repair so you can understand with ease and save you money
Asphalt Services Offered in Richfield, Minnesota
Plehal Blacktopping has your asphalt services covered in Richmond, Minnesota. Our asphalt services include:

Parking Lot Installation
Parking Lot Repair
Parking Lot Maintenance
Driveway Installation
Driveway Repair
Plehal Blacktopping customizes and develops a parking lot maintenance program to meet the needs of your parking lot and go along with your budget. Our parking lot maintenance program will provide you with a winter prep, sealcoating, crack filling, and complete resurfacing. Having a parking lot maintenance program developed for your parking lot will extend the life of your parking lot and save you money on future repairs.

Richfield, Minnesota
Richfield, Minnesota has a population of 35,228. Richfield has dated back to the early 1850’s. The city was a farming community. Richfield became a village in 1908. Richfield is a beautiful city to live in or visit.

The city has more than 450 acres of parkland. One of the most visited park in the city is the Wood Lake Nature Center, which is a 150 acre park that features trails and walking paths, wetlands, and an interpretive center, which houses two hundred species of birds and thirty mammals. The Wood Lake Nature Center holds an annual New Year’s Eve event, which is called the Candlelight and New Year’s Eve Program. This is an excellent time to visit the city, because hundreds of candle-lit luminaries are laid out on the trails. Visitors can see the foxes, deer’s, owls, and other animals during the event. The event has a big marshmallow roast along with hot cocoa, games, and many more activities. This is a family event that only cost $4.00 per person. Richfield, Minnesota is a beautiful city that has a variety of activities to enjoy.

Plehal Blacktopping is the parking lot repair specialists that businesses in Richfield, Minnesota can call for all their parking lot repairs. All parking lot repairs are backed with our customer satisfaction guarantee. Contact Plehal Blacktopping for all your asphalt services.

Asphalt Paving Richfield

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