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Parking Lot Repair for Farmington Gift Store

A gift store was ramping up for the upcoming holiday season. The store owner was doing necessary maintenance to their building and facilities. The owner spent so much time fixing up and preparing the shop for the holiday season that he nearly forgot to give Plehal Blacktopping a call for excellent Farmington parking lot repair. The parking lot wasn’t in terrible shape, it just needed a little bit of patching and sealcoating. The store owner knew that the parking lot was just as important as the inside of the store, because he wanted his customers to be safe when they were on his parking lot, and he also didn’t want his parking lot to damage any of their cars.

Plehal Blacktopping let the owner know that we would repair his parking lot and he didn’t need to worry, because we would have it done in no time at all. The Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived at the store and started patching the potholes and filling the cracks. After this step was done our crew seal coated the entire parking lot. We had the parking lot repairs in Farmington completed for the customer within just a couple of days. The customer was pleased with the parking lot and said he is now ready for the busy weeks that were approaching quickly. He said the inside of his store has been maintained and now his parking lot is done, thanks to Plehal Blacktopping!

Company needs Apple Valley Asphalt Paving for Repairs

Plehal Blacktopping recently got a call form a corporate client. The corporate client needed to have parking lot services provided for their parking lot quickly, because they were in the process of hiring five hundred new employees for their company. The client called Plehal Blacktopping, because we are the asphalt paving Apple Valley can trust. We met with the client at their parking lot, and noticed immediately that they parking lot needed a few repairs. We could make these repairs for the client, and when our paving services were provided the client would have a parking lot that was sturdy, stable, durable, and could handle plenty of traffic. This was essential for the client. The client hired us, and the Plehal Blacktopping team arrived the following days to start on the asphalt paving services.

Plehal Blacktopping handled it with no problems, and the parking lot services were provided. Plehal Blacktopping met the needs and preferences of the customer and they were so pleased. We checked back with the customer a month later as we always do with all of our our customers. We wanted to confirm that they are still pleased with the paving services we provided. The customer said that he was thankful and extremely pleased that he contacted us. The parking lot looks great, but also is able to handle all of the new employee’s traffic and vehicles. Plehal Blacktopping is the asphalt contractor that stays within budget and finishes on time.

How Long Should My Asphalt Last?


Asphalt can generally last up to ten years, but there are many asphalt driveways that last for over 25 years that are still in great condition. Along with age, there are a few factors that can determine how long asphalt can last.

These factors help keep your asphalt lasting for years:

  • Keeping the asphalt maintained properly. When asphalt is maintained, then it lasts for years. The asphalt should be kept cleaned with cracks filled and sealed annually.
  • Asphalt will last longer if it has been laid down properly. The asphalt needs to have a good base that is not excessively wet. The asphalt also must have the ability to have excellent drainage to it. When the asphalt doesn’t drain properly, the strength and durability will not be contained.
  • Cracks should be filled. If a crack appears on the asphalt, it should be seen to immediately.
  • Having a sealer applied every other year will keep the asphalt in great condition.

Asphalt can last many years if given the proper maintenance and care. One of the most important ways to prolong the life of the asphalt is the sealing process. If the asphalt is new, or less than a year old, it will take a full year before it is fully cured. After a year, a layer of seal coating should be applied to the asphalt. Depending on the asphalt, you may need two layers. After the first initial sealer, one coat of sealer should be applied to the asphalt every two to three years. The sealer will protect the asphalt from cracks, chips, and shrinkage.

Sometimes asphalt may need a patching work completed on an area. This will repair any problem in that area of the asphalt and prevent it from spreading. The key to keeping asphalt good is to do an occasional inspection of the asphalt. Walk around the asphalt just to make sure the asphalt is free from any deterioration or cracks. If there are any cracks or deterioration, it is recommended that you immediately have these problems repaired. Keeping up with any smaller problems with your asphalt will allow it to last longer while saving you money.

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Spring Blog

Spring is here and we just survived one of the worst winters in a long time! Plehal Blacktopping is here to help you assess the winter damage to your asphalt. The winter weather causes front to heave the asphalt, causing and potholes.

Asphalt fails for a variety of reasons; under design for traffic load, original installation didn’t meet spec and sometimes the pavement has simply outlived its engineered life expectancy.

Potholes, rutting and large cracking are more apparent now for two reasons: we have had very harsh winters and the tried temporary fixes where long-term repairs are needed.  Asphalt failures that create potholes, happen for a reason.  Dumping cold mix into them doesn’t even cover up the problem very well.  Temporary “cold patch” simply doesn’t last.  It may be okay for 30-90 days when used to fill a pothole for traffic safety; however, all of these repairs need a more permanent solution!  Minimally hot material needs to be placed, but more often a structural defect needs more comprehensive attention.

We encourage you to plan proper pavement repairs and protection to keep our motorists and citizens safe.  Improper remedies can cause damage to cars, personal property and can contribute to accidents that result in serious injury, or even death.  Let’s fix it right the first time and safe the costly ongoing labor dollars, which cost us all more tax dollars over the long haul.

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