Chaska Driveway Contractor Needed for Replacement Project

A plumber in Chaska contacted Plehal Blacktopping, because he wanted to have his old cement driveway replaced after it had developed huge cracks from an adjacent tree. He had the tree removed, so he called the best Chaska driveway contractor available to do the replacement, which was Plehal Blacktopping.

We met with the customer and looked at his concrete driveway. He was right, the tree caused a lot of damage in the concrete driveway. We let him know that he would be happier with an asphalt driveway, because it is easier to take care of and the asphalt makes clearing the snow and ice a breeze to remove because the sun heats the asphalt up quickly. The customer was pleased with the bid and the crew went to work removing the cement driveway. We recycle all material, then the crew started prepping the ground for the sub base. The crew worked for several days until the replacement driveway was installed. The customer arrived home from work as we were cleaning up and he said the driveway looks wonderful. The customer said that he was glad he called Plehal Blacktopping as his Chaska driveway contractor, because we stayed within budget, got the driveway done ahead of schedule, and the driveway looks so much better than it ever has. Plehal Blacktopping was glad to do a great job on this project and exceed the customer’s expectations. That is why we are always chosen as the driveway contractor in Chaska.