Jordan Parking Lot Maintenance Helps Game Store Prepare for the Season

A small used video game store in Jordan was making preparations for the shopping season, and called Plehal Blacktopping for expert Jordan parking lot maintenance services. The game store owner informed us when he called how important his parking lot is at this time of the year as it was just important as his inventory. He wanted to make sure the parking lot was safe for all his shoppers. He remarked that  there is nothing worse than arriving at a store and seeing a rundown parking lot. No customer wants to park their car on this type of parking lot, which he emphasized as the reason that he wanted the best parking lot maintenance in Jordan.

The Plehal Blacktopping experts reassured the customer that we would provide him with exactly what he wanted and most importantly what the parking lot needed. We evaluated the parking lot and there was just a few cracks that were noticeable and wouldn’t require a lot of work or money to repair. The customer was thrilled and asked us to start the repairs. Our crew did just exactly that. When the crew was finished we wanted to let the owner look over the parking lot, so we could know what he thought. He said he was thrilled that only a little minor crack sealing was needed and his parking lot surface would be protected through the winter. He said his customers would be happy with the parking lot maintenance that Plehal Blacktopping provided for them in Jordan.