Necessary Repairs Completed by Top Minneapolis Driveway Contractor

Not long ago, Plehal Blacktopping was contacted by a Minneapolis homeowner. The homeowner had gotten his garage renovated and finished and was completely ecstatic about it, but realized that his shabby driveway made the whole thing look like garbage. He called the best driveway contractor in Minneapolis, which was Plehal Blacktopping, and we were able to set him up with a major improvement.

The crew headed out to the Minneapolis home and the homeowner was correct about his driveway as it was truly shabby. We inspected his driveway and we recommended a driveway replacement, then we gave him an estimate to do this for him. The homeowner said that the price was fair and he just wanted to have it done as soon as possible. The crew returned and started removing the current driveway, then we take it to be recycled. The crew installed the sub base, then installed four inches of base and then the crew used the vibratory drum roller to compact the base. After all the steps were completed the driveway was installed. The customer wasn’t home when we finished, but he must have been thrilled with our work, because he called the office and wanted to let us know that the crew went above and beyond providing him with a great looking driveway that enhances his new garage. The customer said that Plehal Blacktopping is definitely the number one driveway contractor Minneapolis homeowners can trust for quality driveways at a great price.