New Loading Dock Needs Asphalt Paving in the Twin Cities

A Twin Cities grocery store needed to ensure that their expanded loading dock would be as productive as they had planned. They called Plehal Blacktopping for Twin Cities asphalt paving at the dock. The owners told us that they wanted a surface that would be durable for years to come, and we delivered on that request.

The Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived at the business to inspect it and give the owners a bid. The loading dock was an excellent candidate for asphalt paving. We gave the bid to the owners and they immediately asked when we could start, so we scheduled the paving project on Wednesday, because this is the day that the store had less deliveries. The crew started the paving project Wednesday morning. The crew worked continuously until the project was completed. The owners came out to look over their dock and they both agreed that they were glad that they called Plehal Blacktopping for the best asphalt paving Twin Cities business owners can depend upon. The owners said it looked great and their biggest concern was how long would the surface last. We let the customers know that with regular maintenance they could expect their loading dock surface to last for many, many years. The Twin Cities grocery store can get all their delivers safely now and they don’t have to worry about the surface of the dock breaking down and crumbling, because Plehal Blacktopping provided durable and quality asphalt paving for them.