What Is An Overlay and When Is It The Best Option?

What Is An Overlay and When Is It The Best Option?

An overlay is another form of asphalt. Overlay can be done on top of existing concrete or asphalt. The overlay is an added option for homeowners and an excellent choice for businesses, as the cost is affordable.

An asphalt overlay is when paving is laid over existing asphalt or concrete. The overlay will add one and a half inches up to two inches of new asphalt on top of the existing asphalt or concrete. Overlaying can be done more quickly than asphalt and is less expensive. The overlay is great as it can bring existing concrete or asphalt a new face and life.

How do you know if the current asphalt or concrete is a good option for overlaying? The current asphalt or concrete can have some problem areas, but it should have an overall good condition. The condition of the underlying pavement will have to be inspected by the contractor to make sure the pavement is a good candidate for an overlay. If the contractor doesn’t see any base conditions or severe damage, then overlay is a good option. If there is crumbling or extensive cracking in the current pavement, then an overlay project will not fix the issue. These type of problems wouldn’t allow the current pavement to have overlaying performed on it.

Current pavement must be in fairly good condition for the overlay process to work successfully. You do not want to add new asphalt to damaged pavement. The damage will spread to the new overlaid asphalt and the homeowner or business will be left with another problem that will have to be fixed. The amount you paid for the overlay project would be a waste of money, as it will have to be ripped up for new asphalt to be installed.

Overlay can generally be an excellent option for current concrete or asphalt. The current asphalt or concrete must be in good condition or have only a few minor blemishes. The overlay will provide a safe surface with a new and refreshed appearance. To find out if your current pavement can have an overlay done on it, contact Plehal Blacktopping, Inc. today! We will be able to examine the current pavement to examine the condition and let you know if this is the best option for your pavement.

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