Parking Lot Repair in Minneapolis Brings Skate Shop Up to Speed

A Minneapolis skate shop needed to have a big pothole filled after a truck bottomed out a few months ago. The skate shop owner had been so busy with the shop that he had just put off having the work done. One morning as he was putting inventory away a customer came in and complained that he almost hit that pothole and he would’ve been pretty angry if his car was damaged. The owner apologized and got on the phone immediately and called Plehal Blacktopping for the extensive and highly competent Minneapolis parking lot repair services our company offers, and we were able to solve all their problems quickly and affordably.

The professional crew with Plehal Blacktopping went to the skate shop and looked at the huge pothole. We understood immediately why any customer would be upset if they hit this pothole, because it could surely damage a car in a heartbeat. Our crew filled the pothole and patched it, then made sure there were no other damages in the parking lot that needed attention. We let the owner know that we provided parking lot maintenance and having this would prevent potholes and cracks, but would also provide a durable and strong parking lot that he and his customers would appreciate. The customer thanked us again for doing a great job and was thankful that we came out so quickly. He said Plehal Blacktopping was indeed the parking lot repair specialists Minneapolis skaters could depend upon.