Plehal Provides Top Excelsior Asphalt Repair

A public park was needing Excelsior asphalt repair after the lot had suffered severe damage. The public parks director had been trying to get the funding for the asphalt repairs and finally the budget was approved. The director had been worrying for some time that someone would fall or trip in the parking lot and end up suing the city, so when he finally received the good news that he could have the repairs done he called Plehal Blacktopping for quality asphalt Excelsior officials would appreciate.

The crew with Plehal Blacktopping met with the director at the public park. He showed us the damage that the lot had and asked us to give him an estimate. Our crew examined the parking lot, then gave him an estimate that he was truly impressed with. He hired our company and pleaded with us to start on the repairs as soon as possible. We let him know that we would start the following day and would even work on the weekend, so we could get the lot fixed for the residents of Excelsior, which the crew did. We got the project completed and we never went over budget. The parks director came out to look over the parking lot and called Plehal Blacktopping to let us know that we did excellent work. He thanked our crew and company for providing outstanding asphalt repairs that all citizens in Excelsior would appreciate. The residents can use the public park and he doesn’t have to worry about any injuries, thanks to Plehal Blacktopping.