Wayzata Asphalt Paving for Mobile Mechanic

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A Wayzata mechanic wanted to have a small lot paved so that he could do mobile services out of his van. He cut a deal with a local business owner who had a huge parking lot, and they decided to have a small corner of the parking lot repaved. After the repaving the mechanic could go about his business. The business owner would be helping the mechanic achieve his dreams of owning his own mobile service, and would also be making a little bit of money for the small area of the parking lot. They both knew it was a good deal, so the business owner contacted Plehal Blacktopping to receive an estimate on the asphalt paving.

The Plehal Blacktopping specialists arrived at the parking lot and evaluated it, then gave the business owner a bid. We informed him that for just a bit more we could repave the entire parking lot, which would improve the parking lot for both men. Both parties agreed to have the entire parking lot repaved, and the Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived on the day scheduled to start the asphalt paving. We were able to have the project completed ahead of schedule, and this was a benefit to both parties. The mechanic could start his mobile business, and the business owner could provide an attractive yet safe parking for his customers. Plehal Blacktopping is the asphalt paving Wayzata customers contact for affordable asphalt paving projects. We offer affordable prices that everyone is happy with.