3 Ways an Athletic Court Helps You Win at Life

3 Ways an Athletic Court Helps You Win at Life

Are you considering a brand new athletic court of your own or debating whether to have your existing athletic court resurfaced? Installing or repairing an athletic court is a good call. Here are three reasons why an athletic court is a winning home and business feature.

1. Home and Business Athletic Courts Are Low-Maintenance Kid Magnets

How do you keep the kids at home where you can supervise their activities during the summer and school breaks? You need some way to keep children engaged and occupied. You can install a deluxe game room, but then your kids will be spending unhealthy amounts of time indoors and inactive.

Swimming pools are great, but they require a lot of maintenance. You need new pool accessories and chemicals every year, and you pay for the power to run pumps and heaters. Pools must be continually skimmed for leaves and bugs.

An athletic court doesn’t need constant maintenance and pH checks. A broom or leaf blower is the most you need to clear the court surface of leaves and debris. Clean the court surface very few months when soiled by droppings or other marks. All you need for a deep clean is some mild detergent, a spray hose, or a medium-duty pressure washer.

Do your kids hate tennis even though you live for the sport? Modern athletic court surfaces can be designed with more than one sport in mind.

Have your sports surface designed for many activities, including:

  • Basketball
  • Kickball
  • Soccer
  • Roller hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Handball

Softer surfaces can be used for outdoor yoga and tai chi exercises. A level surface is ideal for athletes of all ages who want to practice stretches and other body-strengthening exercises.

When you have your own athletic court, you can enhance it to benefit your family. Add seating, speakers, and an adjacent snack area to make your tennis court a favorite hangout spot. Host friendly sporting competitions with the kids in the neighborhood. Keep kids and adults entertained during parties with your own athletic court.

Parents who own businesses benefit from installing onsite athletic courts on their commercial properties, too. They can bring kids to work and know their kids have an activity to keep them busy. A multi-sport surface is an even better business investment both for your employees and for professionals who bring their families to the office during peak work periods.

2. A Convenient Location Helps You Practice

Even if you love games like tennis, the benefits of playing a few sets are outweighed by the stress of traffic jams, parking issues, and gas prices. Traveling back and forth to a distant court cuts into your recreational budget and robs you of your time.

Using a public or club court takes planning, too. You have to play during specific hours, wear appropriate attire, and sometimes wait your turn in a line of players.

With your own onsite court, you can play on a whim. Floodlights (if approved by your neighborhood or screened from view) allow you to work out long after dark if you prefer.

With your own home or business athletic court, you spend your time perfecting your technique rather than sitting in your car fuming over bad drivers. You can wear your bathing suit and get a tan while you play if you like. Having your own athletic court located steps from your door is the definition of sports nirvana.

3. A Home or Business Athletic Court Supports Your Own Contenders

Do you have a sports protégé or two in the family? If their dream is to be the best in the sport, your loved ones must practice their skills on a routine basis.

According to experts, one or two long sessions per week is not as good for a player’s skill development as more frequent, shorter practices. After four hours, a player’s practice become sloppy because of their physical and mental exertion. Experts recommend that serious players commit to daily practices that are no longer than one to one-and-one-half hours long.

If you live some distance from an athletic court, your family must sacrifice to make it to the court every day. Install your own court, and an hour or so of daily practice is an easy goal to achieve.

Additionally, you can install cameras on your own court to record and study the action. Players can see where they’re making errors or have bad form.

Coaches and pros can give private lessons at your home, and you cut down on your weekly driving duties. The family player doesn’t have to feel embarrassed or timid about trying new moves and strategies in front of a crowd with a private court.

Businesses that sponsor teams can sponsor matches on their courts. Their team members can practice at will, and business employees can use the court to stay in shape, too.

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