Necessary Repairs Completed by Top Minneapolis Driveway Contractor

Not long ago, Plehal Blacktopping was contacted by a Minneapolis homeowner. The homeowner had gotten his garage renovated and finished and was completely ecstatic about it, but realized that his shabby driveway made the whole thing look like garbage. He called the best driveway contractor in Minneapolis, which was Plehal Blacktopping, and we were able to set him up with a major improvement.

The crew headed out to the Minneapolis home and the homeowner was correct about his driveway as it was truly shabby. We inspected his driveway and we recommended a driveway replacement, then we gave him an estimate to do this for him. The homeowner said that the price was fair and he just wanted to have it done as soon as possible. The crew returned and started removing the current driveway, then we take it to be recycled. The crew installed the sub base, then installed four inches of base and then the crew used the vibratory drum roller to compact the base. After all the steps were completed the driveway was installed. The customer wasn’t home when we finished, but he must have been thrilled with our work, because he called the office and wanted to let us know that the crew went above and beyond providing him with a great looking driveway that enhances his new garage. The customer said that Plehal Blacktopping is definitely the number one driveway contractor Minneapolis homeowners can trust for quality driveways at a great price.

Chaska Driveway Contractor Needed for Replacement Project

A plumber in Chaska contacted Plehal Blacktopping, because he wanted to have his old cement driveway replaced after it had developed huge cracks from an adjacent tree. He had the tree removed, so he called the best Chaska driveway contractor available to do the replacement, which was Plehal Blacktopping.

We met with the customer and looked at his concrete driveway. He was right, the tree caused a lot of damage in the concrete driveway. We let him know that he would be happier with an asphalt driveway, because it is easier to take care of and the asphalt makes clearing the snow and ice a breeze to remove because the sun heats the asphalt up quickly. The customer was pleased with the bid and the crew went to work removing the cement driveway. We recycle all material, then the crew started prepping the ground for the sub base. The crew worked for several days until the replacement driveway was installed. The customer arrived home from work as we were cleaning up and he said the driveway looks wonderful. The customer said that he was glad he called Plehal Blacktopping as his Chaska driveway contractor, because we stayed within budget, got the driveway done ahead of schedule, and the driveway looks so much better than it ever has. Plehal Blacktopping was glad to do a great job on this project and exceed the customer’s expectations. That is why we are always chosen as the driveway contractor in Chaska.

New Loading Dock Needs Asphalt Paving in the Twin Cities

A Twin Cities grocery store needed to ensure that their expanded loading dock would be as productive as they had planned. They called Plehal Blacktopping for Twin Cities asphalt paving at the dock. The owners told us that they wanted a surface that would be durable for years to come, and we delivered on that request.

The Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived at the business to inspect it and give the owners a bid. The loading dock was an excellent candidate for asphalt paving. We gave the bid to the owners and they immediately asked when we could start, so we scheduled the paving project on Wednesday, because this is the day that the store had less deliveries. The crew started the paving project Wednesday morning. The crew worked continuously until the project was completed. The owners came out to look over their dock and they both agreed that they were glad that they called Plehal Blacktopping for the best asphalt paving Twin Cities business owners can depend upon. The owners said it looked great and their biggest concern was how long would the surface last. We let the customers know that with regular maintenance they could expect their loading dock surface to last for many, many years. The Twin Cities grocery store can get all their delivers safely now and they don’t have to worry about the surface of the dock breaking down and crumbling, because Plehal Blacktopping provided durable and quality asphalt paving for them.

Savage Asphalt Paving for Local Shopowner

A Savage mechanic was needing a ramp repaved at his shop. The ramp needed to be repaved so that customers could drive their cars into the garage with ease and without fearing damage due to the visible damage that was on the ramp. The mechanic and shop owner called Plehal Blacktopping for a great Savage asphalt contractor service, which we were determined to provide.

The Plehal Blacktopping team arrived at the shop and started repaving the ramp. The team first cleaned the ramp thoroughly by removing oil, gas, and debris from the ramp, then the team filled the cracks that was in the asphalt surface. Once these steps were performed the team repaved the ramp. The owner of the shop was happy when we were done and he said that the ramp looked outstanding. The mechanic can now work on cars and direct them into the garage bay easily and without any embarrassing incidents, because he called the professional asphalt company in Savage, Plehal Blacktopping. The mechanic said that he would not let the ramp get in that condition again. He said he didn’t realize how affordable our asphalt services were, but now that he knows he will make sure to call Plehal Blacktopping out annually so that his ramp and parking lot would always be in good working condition for his customers. He said that he never wants to lose any customers due to the condition of his shop and now he doesn’t have to, thanks to Plehal Blacktopping!

Developer Requests Top MN Asphalt Contractor

Not long ago, Plehal Blacktopping was contacted by a real estate developer. The real estate developer was wanting a large portion of a lot paved. He seemed like he was indecisive about having concrete or blacktop done to the parking lot, so he contacted the best asphalt contractor in MN, which was Plehal Blacktopping.

The Plehal Blacktopping specialists met with the real estate developer. We walked the developer through our asphalt blacktopping process. We let the developer know that having the lot paved would enhance his property and increase the value as well. We told him that Plehal Blacktopping is an experienced asphalt contractor in Minnesota as we have over fifty years of experience and dedication and all work that we perform is backed with an exclusive guarantee and warranty. We gave him an estimate for the project. He was very impressed and thrilled that the project could go on and hired us for the paving project. The Plehal Blacktopping started the project and we finished it ahead of schedule and on budget, which impressed the customer. The customer said that he was sure glad that he contacted Plehal Blacktopping as his asphalt contractor in MN, because we stood behind what we told him when we first met and all work was done with excellence and professionalism. The real estate developer let us know that he would be contacting us again in the near future, because he had more projects that he wanted done by us.

Plehal Provides Top Excelsior Asphalt Repair

A public park was needing Excelsior asphalt repair after the lot had suffered severe damage. The public parks director had been trying to get the funding for the asphalt repairs and finally the budget was approved. The director had been worrying for some time that someone would fall or trip in the parking lot and end up suing the city, so when he finally received the good news that he could have the repairs done he called Plehal Blacktopping for quality asphalt Excelsior officials would appreciate.

The crew with Plehal Blacktopping met with the director at the public park. He showed us the damage that the lot had and asked us to give him an estimate. Our crew examined the parking lot, then gave him an estimate that he was truly impressed with. He hired our company and pleaded with us to start on the repairs as soon as possible. We let him know that we would start the following day and would even work on the weekend, so we could get the lot fixed for the residents of Excelsior, which the crew did. We got the project completed and we never went over budget. The parks director came out to look over the parking lot and called Plehal Blacktopping to let us know that we did excellent work. He thanked our crew and company for providing outstanding asphalt repairs that all citizens in Excelsior would appreciate. The residents can use the public park and he doesn’t have to worry about any injuries, thanks to Plehal Blacktopping.

Parking Lot Repair in Minneapolis Brings Skate Shop Up to Speed

A Minneapolis skate shop needed to have a big pothole filled after a truck bottomed out a few months ago. The skate shop owner had been so busy with the shop that he had just put off having the work done. One morning as he was putting inventory away a customer came in and complained that he almost hit that pothole and he would’ve been pretty angry if his car was damaged. The owner apologized and got on the phone immediately and called Plehal Blacktopping for the extensive and highly competent Minneapolis parking lot repair services our company offers, and we were able to solve all their problems quickly and affordably.

The professional crew with Plehal Blacktopping went to the skate shop and looked at the huge pothole. We understood immediately why any customer would be upset if they hit this pothole, because it could surely damage a car in a heartbeat. Our crew filled the pothole and patched it, then made sure there were no other damages in the parking lot that needed attention. We let the owner know that we provided parking lot maintenance and having this would prevent potholes and cracks, but would also provide a durable and strong parking lot that he and his customers would appreciate. The customer thanked us again for doing a great job and was thankful that we came out so quickly. He said Plehal Blacktopping was indeed the parking lot repair specialists Minneapolis skaters could depend upon.

Jordan Parking Lot Maintenance Helps Game Store Prepare for the Season

A small used video game store in Jordan was making preparations for the shopping season, and called Plehal Blacktopping for expert Jordan parking lot maintenance services. The game store owner informed us when he called how important his parking lot is at this time of the year as it was just important as his inventory. He wanted to make sure the parking lot was safe for all his shoppers. He remarked that  there is nothing worse than arriving at a store and seeing a rundown parking lot. No customer wants to park their car on this type of parking lot, which he emphasized as the reason that he wanted the best parking lot maintenance in Jordan.

The Plehal Blacktopping experts reassured the customer that we would provide him with exactly what he wanted and most importantly what the parking lot needed. We evaluated the parking lot and there was just a few cracks that were noticeable and wouldn’t require a lot of work or money to repair. The customer was thrilled and asked us to start the repairs. Our crew did just exactly that. When the crew was finished we wanted to let the owner look over the parking lot, so we could know what he thought. He said he was thrilled that only a little minor crack sealing was needed and his parking lot surface would be protected through the winter. He said his customers would be happy with the parking lot maintenance that Plehal Blacktopping provided for them in Jordan.

Wayzata Blacktop Driveway Replaces Concrete Lemon

Recently Plehal Blacktopping was contacted by a Wayzata couple. The couple was tired of poor sealing and caulk fills on their old cement driveway. It looked terrible and they had always found themselves paying for shoddy services so they decided to call Plehal Blacktopping to switch to a blacktop driveway Wayzata neighbors would be envious of. Plehal Blacktopping experts came out and gave them an estimate, which they thought was a good price. They wanted to consult with their oldest son so they called him while we were there and the son only asked his parents what company they had called. They told him they had called us at Plehal Blacktopping. The son didn’t hesitate to say, “Yes!” after hearing this and told them to hire us because we had actually redone his driveway with great results.

We were flattered and the couple told us to start as soon as we could, so we scheduled the blacktop driveway project for Monday morning. Our crew removed the old cement driveway, and prepped the ground for a nice, attractive blacktop driveway. The crew was able to have the project done a day ahead of schedule. The couple watched us work and when we were done they were ecstatic that the driveway looked so much better. They each thanked us for being respectful and professional, then providing with a blacktop driveway Wayzata homeowners would appreciate. The couple’s son contacted us a few days later to thank us for being so kind to his parents and doing a great job!

Another Great Paving Season!

The paving season is coming to a close. Plehal Blacktopping would like to thank our customers for a great season! We had favorable weather this fall; which allowed us to pave until Thanksgiving.
This winter come visit us at The Northern Green Expo (Jan. 13-16th 2016) and The Home and Garden Show (February 26-28th & March 4-6th) both at the Minneapolis Convention Center. If you are looking for any type of asphalt work for the upcoming season, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to put a proposal together for you.

Thanks again, for the wonderful season!

Plehal Blacktopping

2015 Paving season ends for Plehal Blacktop Twin Cities MN