We've got you covered for Driveway Installation, Repair and Maintenance.


Our team here at Plehal Blacktopping in Shakopee, MN has been installing Asphalt Driveways for many years. We work with many local home builders, cities, municipalities and individual homeowners. Let our experience make your driveway installation or driveway repair successful, cost effective and built to last.

Driveway Installation Tips

  1. Proper Grading. We make sure there is a plan for drainage. Many inexperienced driveway installers will create a driveway without a plan for water drainage! This can become a very expensive mistake.
  2. Base Layer. We make sure your base layer is built properly. Your underlying soil properties will determine how your base layer should be constructed. This is a critical element in a good installation. Many shoddy operators skimp here and costly repairs will become a reality sooner than later. Our team have been working all across the metro and know the different conditions well.
  3. Know Your Usage. We will be clear on your driveway use. If you will be parking heavy vehicles on it we will make sure that is planned for.

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