Wayzata Blacktop Driveway Replaces Concrete Lemon

Recently Plehal Blacktopping was contacted by a Wayzata couple. The couple was tired of poor sealing and caulk fills on their old cement driveway. It looked terrible and they had always found themselves paying for shoddy services so they decided to call Plehal Blacktopping to switch to a blacktop driveway Wayzata neighbors would be envious of. Plehal Blacktopping experts came out and gave them an estimate, which they thought was a good price. They wanted to consult with their oldest son so they called him while we were there and the son only asked his parents what company they had called. They told him they had called us at Plehal Blacktopping. The son didn’t hesitate to say, “Yes!” after hearing this and told them to hire us because we had actually redone his driveway with great results.

We were flattered and the couple told us to start as soon as we could, so we scheduled the blacktop driveway project for Monday morning. Our crew removed the old cement driveway, and prepped the ground for a nice, attractive blacktop driveway. The crew was able to have the project done a day ahead of schedule. The couple watched us work and when we were done they were ecstatic that the driveway looked so much better. They each thanked us for being respectful and professional, then providing with a blacktop driveway Wayzata homeowners would appreciate. The couple’s son contacted us a few days later to thank us for being so kind to his parents and doing a great job!