Excelsior Asphalt Company Keeps Diner Clean

Plehal Blacktopping was recently contacted by a local diner owner in Excelsior. The diner owners in Excelsior needed a new parking lot after the owner realized that the gravel cement mix they had would start causing damage and was always making the inside of the diner dirty whenever it snowed or rained. Customers would track in the cement mix and it was just getting to be a drag trying to keep the diner clean. The owners knew that nobody wants to eat at a diner that looks dirty so he called Plehal Blacktopping for the top Excelsior asphalt company services they knew they would be able to count on.

The Plehal Blacktopping parking lot specialists arrived on Sunday to start the asphalt project. The customer asked us to begin on Sunday, because he was closed. The crew started removing the current parking lot, then prepping the area for the new blacktop parking lot. Before the scheduled date that the parking lot was to be done, our crew had the parking lot finished and looking amazing! The owner arrived Thursday morning and couldn’t get over how great the parking lot looked. He said Plehal Blacktopping did not let him down one bit and we provided him with the parking lot that he had wanted for many years. He said his customers can park safely and his employees can finally quit worrying about cleaning up messy cement in the diner, thanks to the asphalt company Excelsior can trust.

Jordan Asphalt Contractor is What This Pet Shop Needs

A Jordan pet shop owner needed a proper asphalt contractor to fix the parking lot. The pet store had been struggling in the last few months. The owner had tried everything to bring business in, but nothing had worked until he started offering training classes for dogs. This ended up being a ticket to success. He couldn’t get over how many customers booked the training classes for their dogs. This was great, because it gave him enough revenue to have working capital for necessary repairs, so he called the asphalt contractor Jordan businesses called for all their parking lot needs, Plehal Blacktopping.

The Plehal Blacktopping specialists went to the pet store to take a look at the parking lot to see what repairs needed to be performed. The parking lot had several pot holes that needed patched, then we thought a good sealcoating would add strength and durability along with that added attraction that the owner was wanting. The customer agreed to the repairs, and our crew arrived the following morning to start. At the end of the week the parking lot repairs were done and the parking lot looked great. The store owner said he was amazed on how wonderful the parking lot looked after just a few repairs and the sealcoating. He said he will never let his parking lot get in that shape again now that he found an asphalt contractor he could trust in Jordan. He said Plehal Blacktopping is the only Jordan asphalt contractor that is honest, dependable, and affordable.

Minneapolis Asphalt Driveway for Freelancer is a Relief

Plehal Blacktopping was contacted by a homeowner in Northeast Minneapolis. The homeowner was a part time freelance copywriter and she used her free time to do a lot of biking. Her driveway was in poor shape and the ragged asphalt was causing damage to her wheels and her bicycle frame. She called Plehal Blacktopping to have a new asphalt driveway in Minneapolis installed and she did not regret her choice once she seen the finished driveway.

Plehal Blacktopping met with the freelancer to see what shape the driveway is actually in. We never give an estimate for any asphalt driveways over the phone. The customer wasn’t joking. The driveway was in terrible shape and it would cost more money to repair the driveway than installing a new asphalt driveway. We gave her an estimate and she agreed, so we scheduled to do the project on Friday morning. The Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived on time as scheduled and started removing the current driveway. We wanted to make sure the sub base was correct, so all water would drain properly. The crew had the new driveway installed by Sunday afternoon. The homeowner was thrilled. She said the work was done quickly, efficiently, and well within the budget that she had in mind. She can now enjoy riding her bike without fearing damage done to her tires and frame, thanks to Plehal Blacktopping. They are the experts in asphalt driveway Minneapolis homeowners can appreciate.

Parking Lot Repair for Farmington Gift Store

A gift store was ramping up for the upcoming holiday season. The store owner was doing necessary maintenance to their building and facilities. The owner spent so much time fixing up and preparing the shop for the holiday season that he nearly forgot to give Plehal Blacktopping a call for excellent Farmington parking lot repair. The parking lot wasn’t in terrible shape, it just needed a little bit of patching and sealcoating. The store owner knew that the parking lot was just as important as the inside of the store, because he wanted his customers to be safe when they were on his parking lot, and he also didn’t want his parking lot to damage any of their cars.

Plehal Blacktopping let the owner know that we would repair his parking lot and he didn’t need to worry, because we would have it done in no time at all. The Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived at the store and started patching the potholes and filling the cracks. After this step was done our crew seal coated the entire parking lot. We had the parking lot repairs in Farmington completed for the customer within just a couple of days. The customer was pleased with the parking lot and said he is now ready for the busy weeks that were approaching quickly. He said the inside of his store has been maintained and now his parking lot is done, thanks to Plehal Blacktopping!

Twin Cities Parking Lot Paving for Two Eateries

We recently received a call from a Twin Cities restaurant owner. The sandwich shop owner explained that his business needed a new parking lot after the adjoining property was bought by a family intending to turn it into a nice dinner spot for Mexican food. The two eateries decided to partially split the cost of the adjoined parking lot and the sandwich shop owner recommended the best parking lot paving in the Twin Cities because they had seen Plehal Blacktopping’s work previously.

We let the customer know that we were the parking lot installation experts. We have been providing parking lot installations for all types of businesses around the Twin Cities. We met with the two restaurant entrepreneurs and looked over the parking lot, then gave the two men an estimate to have the parking lot installation. They agreed and wanted Plehal Blacktopping to start immediately. The Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived two days later and started the installation process. The crew worked nonstop until we had the project completed. We called both restaurant owners to let them know we were done and would like them both to look over the parking lot and let us know how they like it. Both of the customers said they were amazed on the transformation of the parking lot. They said we did an outstanding job. They both agreed that we are the parking lot paving specialists Twin Cities had ever seen. Plehal Blacktopping was pleased that we could provide excellent parking lot paving for the two owners.

Retail Store in Apple Valley Calls Asphalt Company to Accommodate Customers

The need to contact an asphalt company in Apple Valley is crucial to the success of any business that wants customers. A business without an asphalt lot can struggle to bring in customers. There was one particular Apple Valley retail store that struggled for a while to get business because of its small lot. This retail store sells handmade woodworking pieces that are made from real Minnesota timber. The company was doing well from a business standpoint but it had a small parking lot that kept the business from getting enough customers.

The business could have expanded but it did not have the funds for doing so since it had opened in 2009. That’s when the woodworking company called the asphalt company Apple Valley business owners relied on to create larger asphalt parking lot. The two parties arranged a deal based on a sensible design while working within the business’ budget. There was also a full price estimate at the start to ensure that the project would actually be finished without going over.

The business then got its new lot installed. It took a few days to get it ready but afterwards it was easy for the business to get more customers. In fact, the business has been very busy on Saturdays and Sundays and now has the parking lot needed to support the consistent incoming traffic. The assistance that the woodworking company got off of the service was certainly impressive. It was very easy for the business to get its new asphalt surface ready so it could get more people out to its space. This business thrived after contacting an asphalt company in Apple Valley and yours can too.

Driveway Replacement in Edina After Severe Damage

Plehal Blacktopping was scheduled to for a driveway paving service in Edina. This customer needed a repair after noticing all of the cracks that needed to be addressed. We suggested a basic driveway replacement and paving service. Our crew arrived on time and began removing the existing asphalt. We recycle the existing asphalt, so it is hauled away to the recycling facility. Our crew then adds the base material, so the driveway would have the proper drainage. Once this step was completed, we used our vibratory drum roller to compact the materials.

We informed the customer that the driveway paving service was completed and he checked it out. He said the driveway looked great. He thanked the Plehal Blacktopping crew for doing a great job, quickly, and affordably. The owner of the driveway actually even thanked us for the most excellent Edina driveway replacement he had ever seen. We were thrilled to do a great job and have actually gotten a few leads just from this one customer gushing about our good work all over town!


Learn more about Edina’s leader in driveway paving, click here!

Edina Home Restores Curb Appeal After Sealcoat

An Edina RN called Plehal Blacktopping to sealcoat her driveway. It was in great condition, but faded with time and had minor cracks, which lowered the curb appeal appearance. The Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived bright and early on Friday, as the customer had requested, and immediately started working on the best Edina Sealcoating the town had ever seen. The crew first went over the driveway to fill any major cracks prior to the sealcoating, then we applied the asphalt sealer with a brush and squeegee to ensure the driveway was entirely covered.

Once the sealcoating had been applied, the crew cleaned up the site and let the customer know that his driveway was done. She came out to look at the driveway and said, “It looks great, guys!” She said that she had had another blacktopping company come out, but they recommended a replacement which was unnecessary. After, she called Plehal Blacktopping and our specialists suggested the sealcoating. She was thrilled with our work and the price, and said she would be sure to recommend us to her friends and family.

Excelsior Parking Lot Paving

A couple of weeks ago, an Excelsior hobby shop owner contacted Plehal Blacktopping. The Excelsior hobby shop owner was doing great business at his shop. He was holding monthly card and table game tournament. He was doing so much business that he decided to purchase the adjacent lot next to his shop, so he could accommodate the extra customer vehicles. The only problem with the adjacent lot is that it needed to be paved. He decided to call the company providing the parking lot paving Excelsior businesses trusts, Plehal Blacktopping.

Plehal Blacktopping has been in the asphalt paving business for over five decades. Our experience and knowledge allows to offer Excelsior businesses with superior paving at affordable prices. The Plehal Blacktopping crew arrived at the lot, and started the parking lot paving installation. Our crew was able to have the parking lot paved within a few days. The customer was in high spirits when he saw the finished lot. He was glad that he called Plehal Blacktopping, because we got it done quickly, on budget, and on time, which was important for the customer. The hobby shop owner is planning his biggest table game tournament in just two weeks, because now he can accommodate added vehicles that will need to park at his shop. His business is booming, and he knows who to contact for all his parking lot needs. Plehal Blacktopping is the parking lot paving specialists Excelsior business owners can trust and rely upon for all their parking lot issues.

Richfield Parking Lot Maintenance for Driving School Improvements

After a long, hot summer of non-stop teen drivers on its driving school lot, the time had come for parking lot maintenance Richfield needed at their instruction facilities. The first call they made was to Plehal Asphalt. The work was minimal, but it was much needed, since we had a new batch of students coming in soon, and didn’t want to have our cars take on additional beating with these inexperienced student drivers.

We not only gave them an extremely reasonable price quote for the improvements and repairs we had to make, and we also did the work in virtually no time at all. In fact, they were able to open their doors right back up within a few days time so they could get back to what we do best, and help those student drivers go out to get their driver’s license. This low price was a great investment for their facilities, as it gave the driving school both the professional appearance it needed and helped to draw in new students. They saw how well kept the facilities were year round.

We did not require too much work to be done on the asphalt, but we did know that potholes had to be filled, a few small patches of pavement had to be replaced, and new lines had to be drawn into place. The student drivers needed a reliable surface to practice their driving skills. Since the lots take on quite a bit of abuse with each new set of students that comes in, they have to do maintenance work regularly. They told us that they won’t hesitate to call Plehal back the next time they need any work done. Whether it is a small area or the entire pavement area which has to be replaced at our driving school facilities.