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What Questions Should I Ask An Asphalt Contractor?

Choosing an asphalt contractor can be confusing and difficult. Carefully choosing an asphalt contractor is important so you are sure that the contractor is qualified to provide a high quality service. By asking the potential asphalt contractor the following questions, you will be able to ensure that you are getting honest and reliable bids for your asphalt project.

Questions to Ask:

  1. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
    A qualified asphalt contractor should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Many states don’t require a license or bonding for asphalt projects that are under $500, but an honest contractor will have the license, bonding, and insurance anyway. The insurance should be on the equipment used and the contractor should have worker’s compensation insurance for the workers that are doing the work. A qualified contractor will have their customers in mind by protecting them with insurance, bonding, and licensing.
  2. How long have you been in business?
    Knowing how long the asphalt contractor has been in business will let you know if they have the experience to perform your asphalt project. Also, if a company has been around for a while, then they plan on staying around, meaning they are likely reliable and trusted.
  3. Do you have any references?
    A qualified and honest asphalt contractor will have references and will gladly give you the contact information for these references.
  4. When given a bid, what is included?
    If the contractor gives you a bid, you need to make sure that the bid covers the whole project. There shouldn’t be any hidden fees later on, unless something big occurs, which the contractor will discuss with you. Please not that this is very rare, but sometimes may occur depending on the area you are looking to install asphalt.
  5. Is there a warranty?
    An honest contractor will provide a warranty on the work performed. If there is no warranty, your first action should be to ask why. A qualified contractor will be so sure of their performance in asphalt installation and repairs that they will gladly offer a warranty.
  6. How long will the project take?
    The contractor will let you know the duration of the project. The weather may influence a change in the date, but if everything is going smoothly, then knowing how long the project is going to take will ensure your trust in your contractor.
  7. How much is the cost?
    A qualified contractor can’t give an exact price unless they are looking at the area where you want the asphalt to be applied. If a contractor gives you a price for a project that they haven’t seen, then this isn’t an honest contractor. There is no set price for asphalt projects, it completely will depend on your area.

In the search of a qualified asphalt contractor, there are questions that should be asked. Give Plehal Blacktopping a call today and you will find an answer to each and every question! For more information on the Twin Cities paving experts, click here!