Spring Blog

Spring Blog

Spring is here and we just survived one of the worst winters in a long time! Plehal Blacktopping is here to help you assess the winter damage to your asphalt. The winter weather causes front to heave the asphalt, causing and potholes.

Asphalt fails for a variety of reasons; under design for traffic load, original installation didn’t meet spec and sometimes the pavement has simply outlived its engineered life expectancy.

Potholes, rutting and large cracking are more apparent now for two reasons: we have had very harsh winters and the tried temporary fixes where long-term repairs are needed.  Asphalt failures that create potholes, happen for a reason.  Dumping cold mix into them doesn’t even cover up the problem very well.  Temporary “cold patch” simply doesn’t last.  It may be okay for 30-90 days when used to fill a pothole for traffic safety; however, all of these repairs need a more permanent solution!  Minimally hot material needs to be placed, but more often a structural defect needs more comprehensive attention.

We encourage you to plan proper pavement repairs and protection to keep our motorists and citizens safe.  Improper remedies can cause damage to cars, personal property and can contribute to accidents that result in serious injury, or even death.  Let’s fix it right the first time and safe the costly ongoing labor dollars, which cost us all more tax dollars over the long haul.

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